Salmon is safe…for now.

Salmon leaping

Earlier this week I came across an article that is an update on where we left off on this Blog. When we last met, the FDA was going to review whether or not Aquabounty could begin to market genetically modified fish to U.S. Consumers. In 2010, the FDA said in a public hearing that Aquabounty’s salmon is “as safe as food from conventional Atlantic salmon.” The FDA also said the fish “are not expected to have a significant impact” on the environment. Lucky for us, there has been push back on the FDA from many groups who are concerned about our food supply and the environment. FDA approval has been slowed to a crawl and it looks as though Aquabounty could be bankrupt by next month.

In the recent California election, Proposition 37 which would have required labeling of GMOs failed. We in California will continue to be ignorant of what we put into our bodies. We will continue to be human guinea pigs in an experiment we never asked to participate in. This week, we can at least be sure that the salmon on our plates is really the salmon on our plates.


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  1. r said,

    March 15, 2013 at 9:06 pm

    Holy flappin’ flippers Mimi!? I didn’t realize you’d reanimated your blog!
    I would’ve said something back in January, or February, or maybe more recently than right now.
    Good news though, on the pescatarian front- I am glad the real salmon are possibly safe (for now) from the creepy hands of genetic tinkerers.

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