I found an excellent blogging resource

Hi Everyone, I found something and I am so excited about it that I wanted to share it with you.

I keep a list of blogs I like to read. As I find new blogs, I get excited, read them a lot and then forget about blogs I used to love to read. Such was the case with Jaden’s Steamy Kitchen. I hadn’t been there in ages but I used to love her site because Jaden is so open to sharing her blogging knowledge. I could go there and get photography tips, marketing insights and use her food styling wisdom.

I popped over there a couple of days ago and found out that Jaden and Diane from White on Rice Couple have put together a forum for food blogging. The site has only been up for a few days and they still need to work out a few of the kinks, but I was amazed at how much I am beginning to learn after just a couple of days. So far, I have seen how someone put together a light box for their photography, I am learning about the kinds of issues people have when they set up their own URL and I am learning that advertising on a blog will not make someone rich (but they did have suggestions about how to make a living otherwise). I am so happy this resource is now online because the community that is forming around this forum is answering two and a half years of questions that I have been afraid to ask.

I truly think this site is important for us. For instance, my boyfriend’s mom recently asked me to help her set up a blog that she plans to monetize. I have no idea how to set up that kind of blog. I started researching it for her and found a lot of good information on the web but it took me hours and brought up more questions than answers. Now I have a single place to go where I can ask for help and get the answers quickly.

The only thing that is strange to me so far is the social networking aspect of this forum. I have never used Facebook or Twitter and I have only recently signed up for LinkedIn. The fact that being on this site for ten minutes gets me seven people who want to friend me is kind of scaring me…but that’s just my own personal problem.  😀

Jaden, Diane, this is one blogger who wants to say thank you. You have made me very happy.