Take a hike with me

I used to love to hike.  That was before I got a sedentary  job and then another sedentary job and promotions to more sedentary jobs.  My boyfriend has never let himself get unhealthy.  He is quite active.  I’m not.  He always asks me to hike with him.  My answer is usually, “ummmmmmm…..”.  The reason why boils down to the fact that I get halfway through a hike and my head turns hot and red and feels as if it is going to blow off.  This happens because my fit partner hikes at his speed, lets me stop occasionally to breath or drink water and then keeps going at his speed.  Today I learned how to get through a hike.  Bring a camera.  The time it takes to set up a shot is just the right amount of time to slow things down so that I can endure more hills and more distance. 


A favorite hike of ours here in Santa Barbara is Rattlesnake Canyon.  Some Southern California hikes can be dry and hot.  This hike follows a creekbed that has some water all year long.  The water supports a lot of pretty trees and vegetation.


We had gotten a lot of rain over the past couple of weeks so flowers were blooming and the creek was running.  There were many pretty waterfalls to see.


At a certain point in the trail, before you begin to gain a lot of elevation, there is a view of the hills above you.  There is a monastery up there and a few other homes, but I always like to see this round house.  It is further up the trail and by itself.  Something about the architecture and the landscape reminds me of some place older like the mediteranean.

Round House

Once you climb in elevation enough, you get a view of the city below, the ocean and the fog shrouded channel islands


As we hiked higher and higher, we saw so many pretty flowers blooming happily because of the moisture from the storm and the warmth of the first springlike day.


Everything was so pretty and I felt happy to be up there after weeks of stress and worry. 


Even the trees were in bloom.


Life is good.