Where’s Mimi?


I just wanted to give a quickie update to everyone stopping by here as to why there has been no activity here recently.  I have had no real access to a computer for the past couple of weeks.  My parents have no internet access and the good folks at the Scripps Hospital in La Jolla California are providing me with a few minutes a day of access.  Just enough time to approve comments on the blog and see that I have been tagged with a Meme. 

Why am I sitting in a hospital waiting room typing as fast as I can?  Well, my Dad has been dealing with heart problems for years.  He was told to go in for an angiogram months ago and he kept putting it off and putting it off.  He didn’t have a heart attack but he was feeling worse and worse.  He finally admitted himself to the hospital and found out that he needed an immediate QUADRUPAL BYPASS!  My dear Mom is pretty much blind due to her own health problems so I drove down to support her and be her transportation since the hospital is 30 miles from the house and she can’t drive.

My Dad has been in ICU for two weeks.  Today was the first day that he has been alert enough to know we are here.  Today was a very good day.

I am not a religious person.  I fall somewhere between agnosic and atheistic depending on the day and my mood.  I did a little bit of praying this week.  I’m sure God was like, “what the…?”.  If you are reading this and you are religiously inclined, please pray for my Dad that he gets better soon.  If you are not religiously inclined, just send out some good vibes.  Every little bit helps.

D. at Sourdough Monkey Wrangler tagged me for a Meme.  I promise I’ll post my answers as soon as I can.  I’m already sitting here much longer than the 15 minutes I’m allowed for the public computer here. 

So, keep the good vibes going for us and I’ll try to check back soon and keep everyone updated

Thanks for your support and take care!