A very subtle but pleasant cookie


I got the October issue of Gourmet during the weekend.  I normally take a quick look at the magazine when I get it, but I don’t often get so excited that I have to run into the kitchen immediately.  This time I did run.  They had a recipe for Ginger Honey Cookies.  I don’t know why, but that combination of flavors sounded really good to me.  Aside from finely chopping the ginger, which took a little time, the preparation of these cookies was pretty effortless. 


I ate a cookie practically out of the oven and it didn’t taste like much to me.  I have to say that I was a little disappointed at first.  Once they cooled, however, these cookies were good.  Not too sweet, and strangely not too gingery.  They are like a really moist soft sugar cookie with bits of ginger.  I stored them in the fridge because I knew I wasn’t going to let myself scarf them all down too quickly and I was worried they would become stale.  I took a couple of them out of the fridge today and the flavors are even better after being chilled and warmed back up and the texture is nice and soft and a bit chewy. 


Since I baked this recipe verbatim, I’ll send you over to Epicurious to retrieve the recipe.  Click here for the Honey Ginger Cookie recipe.  Enjoy!