Purity on a stick


Look at that picture.  We have been going through a heat wave.  Imagine living in a house with no air conditioning and 95 degree F. weather.  You open the freezer and pull out the orange Popsicle.  So fresh and sweet like a bit of summer only it’s as cold as winter.  Yum. I wish you were here so that you can taste it.  This was nothing but the best Valencia oranges.  No sugar.  No added water.  Pure.

Orange Popsicles

2 of the sweetest most perfect fresh oranges per Popsicle, squeezed.  I used ¼ cup capacity Popsicle molds and had molds for 8 popsicles so this will set you back 16 small oranges.  Freeze juice in molds until solid.  Turn molds upside down and run warm water over them to release Popsicles.